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Brazil Recreio Yellow Bourbon

It is a coffee bean with a chocolate feeling that is delicious even if it is latte. The Lecreio plantation is famous for producing high quality coffee. Located in São Sebasti Dagramma, São Paulo, rich soils, mild climates, 1100-1250 meters above sea level and good sunshine create the perfect environment for growing ripe coffee cherries. Not only the owners of the farms, but also the employees and their families are educated about the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, and they are familiar with the state of natural forests and the ecosystem of animals and plants in the vast farms.


Memo Almond Black Tea Milk Chocolate

Farm Recreio Farm

Producer Homero Macedo

Area Brazil Sao Paulo

Altitude 1100-1250 meters

Variety Yellow Bourbon

Process natural

Degree of roasting

Contents 100g or 200g

Brazil Recreio Yellow Bourbon

PriceFrom ¥1,000
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