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[Dark roast] Colombia Magdalena SUP
  • ``Dark Roasted Colombia'' CHAMI's only dark roasted coffee. You can enjoy the deep richness of dark chocolate, and the refreshing body of blueberries in the aftertaste.


    This is the coffee from San Agustin, a popular area in Huila, Colombia.


    We also offer the same beans with different degrees of roasting. Please compare the differences. Here is the other Colombia beans.


    Memo Dark chocolate, almond, blueberry

    Roast degree: dark roast

    Variety Castillo

    Altitude: 1200-2000m

    Process washed

    Contents: 100g or 200g

    [Dark roast] Colombia Magdalena SUP

    PriceFrom ¥945
    Price Options
    ¥1,800every week until canceled
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