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High quality and elgant Brazil Coffee from Bom Jardim Farm, which cares to make the beans as good natural as they can be. Josue (Mr.), head of Sant Antonio Estate Coffee Association, who is respected until he is  called "Doctor" by all the members is working very hard on making working environment and  coffee quality better. This farm rests at rougly 1,000 meters from sea level and they  care very much about the timing of cultivation.

Good balance and easy to drink. There are richness like almond fragrance and dark chocolate.

Notes Almond • Green Apple • Dark Chocolate

Producer  Bom Jardim Farm

Variety Bourbon Amarelo

Altitude 1000-1100 Meters

Processing Pulped Natural

Roasting level Medium Roast

Net Content 200g

High quality and elegant Brazilian beans made at the Bonjardin plantation, which is particular about how to make good natural. Mr. Josue of this farm is the head of the Santo Antonio Estate Coffee Producers Association, and the members of the association respect him as a doctor. A person who is committed to improving the working environment and improving the quality of coffee. Located at an altitude of about 1,000 meters, our farm adjusts the timing of harvesting to create good naturals.

It is well-balanced and easy to drink, but it also has the aroma of almonds and the richness of dark chocolate.

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