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Corriona Natural

Light Roasted and Juicy flavor coffee. 

Located in the Apaneca Illamatepec Mountains, this area is at an altitude of 1550m and is the perfect place to make delicious coffee. You can feel the fruity taste and flavor of coffee cherries.  because of a natural method by drying in the sun for 19 to 25 days in an African bed.

Note  Apricot Peach Grapefruit
Farm Corriona Farm
Area Apaneca Illamatepeque Mountains, El Salvador
Variety  Pacamara
elevation  1550 meters
process  Natural
Net Content 100g or 200g

Chart Corriona.jpg

¥ 1200  100g
¥ 2300  200g

* The quantity can be changed on the order confirmation screen.

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