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Guatemala El Injerto Traditional 

El Injerto Plantations have cool average temperatures, moderate humidity, and volcanic soils which are rich in organic substances. The distinct dry season produces even flowering and ripening coffee with the finest acidity, body, taste and subtle wine-like aromas. This El Injerto Uno Plantation coffee is ranked high every year in the Guatemalan specialty coffee competition, and it is the top of Guatemalan specialty coffee.

Notes Green Apple • Nuts • Brown Sugar
Producer Arturo Aguirre
Area Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Variety Bourbon 70% Catuai 30%
Altitude 1500-2000 Meters
Processing Fully Washed  
Roasting level Medium Roast
Net Content 200g

Chart El Injerto.jpg

¥ 1100  100g
¥ 2100  200g

* The quantity can be changed on the order confirmation screen.

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