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Ethiopian Sidamo

A coffee with an impressive floral elegance and sweet and sour taste. Honey coffee is a rare process in Ethiopia, incorporating techniques learned from Latin American producing countries. In Ethiopia, located in East Africa, Mopraco controls the ripeness of the cherries it buys, peels them with pulpers and then begins drying them on an African bed. By doing so, the coffee beans (parchment) begin to dry with sugar-containing mucilage attached, resulting in an amber-colored dry parchment.



Memo Jasmine, Lemongrass, White Grape

Producer Mopraco

Area Ethiopia Bensa County, Sidama Province

Altitude 2000-2100 meters

Varieties Ethiopian native species

Process honey

Degree of roasting

Contents 100g or 200g

Ethiopian Sidamo

PriceFrom ¥1,100
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