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Costa Rica Pastora Black Honey

A micromill from Taras to Pastra Farm, the largest specialty coffee producing region in Costa Rica, Central and South America. This product, called black honey, does not undergo a fermentation / washing process and goes into the drying process with the mucilage (mucous) remaining. By doing so, the sweetness is transferred to the beans, and you can obtain coffee with a sweetness that is difficult to obtain with ordinary washed coffee. During the drying period of 2 weeks or more, the beans are carefully selected by carefully hand-picking and stirring the defective parchment every day.


Memo Brown sugar, black tea, rounded mouthfeel

Farm Pastra Farm

Area Costa Rica Tarrazu

Altitude 1780-2000 meters

Variety Katura, Katuai

Process black honey

Degree of roasting

Contents 100g or 200g

Costa Rica Pastora Black Honey

PriceFrom ¥1,000
Out of Stock
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