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CWS Bourbon

A coffee with a refreshing flavor reminiscent of black tea. 

The northern province, where the Coko washing station is located, has a high altitude and is blessed with a wide range of temperatures, making it an extremely suitable area for coffee cultivation. 

This agricultural cooperative conducts quality control to constantly clear the cupping score of 84 points, and is one of the farms that produces high-quality coffee every year.

Note  Black Tea, Apricot, Juicy
Producer Nyrangwabije
Area Baramba VIllage, Gakenke DIstrict, Rwanda
Variety  Bourbon
elevation  1800-2000 meters
Net Content  100g or 200g

Chart CWS.jpg

¥ 1150  100g
¥ 2200  200g

* The quantity can be changed on the order confirmation screen.

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